The superfast magical way to login to awkward financial sites!

Your passwords & sensitive details are stored encrypted in your browser and NOT stored in the cloud.

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A different password manager

UYP saves you time, every time. It can handle complex, multi-stage and multi-page logins on awkward banking and finance sites and any other password manager fails on. All in just a few seconds.
Your passwords and login information is NOT stored in the cloud. It is stored, encrypyed in your browser only.

29 organisations covered so far

We can add others upon request or you can add your own too!



Your real passwords are stored using the latest Web Cryptography API within your browser. They are not transmitted or stored in the cloud like other password manager services.

With great power comes great responsibility. UYP expects you to have password or physically secured access to your machine since logins to your financial sites are automated.


You can add your own login strategies too! If you can't see the organisation on the list above then you can add your own using the powerful built in tools.

When you are happy its working you can also share the login strategy so it appears on the catalog so others can use it too (obviously without your passwords & personal data).

Net worth valuation

When you login using UYP, balances or valuations of your accounts are captured and stored in your browser so you can see your net worth accross all accounts. UYP even detects if you have multiple accounts within the same organisation such as when a bank offers a current, savings and credit card. Again, these values are stored in your browser securely and not online.

How it works

Financial organisations and banks usually have more sophisticated login proceedures than regular shopping web sites and so the usual password managers like LastPass won't work.

For example, they will first require a login ID and then specific letters from your password on a second page. UYP has been designed to automate logging in that sort of scenario, and many more.


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